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NB7 Countdown

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Version 7 of Netbeans, one of my favourite Java IDEs, is to be released a week from today. The big news is its support for JDK 7, the latest incarnation of Java, along with many other welcome features such as HTML 5 and Maven 3. Given Oracle’s acquisition of both BEA and Sun, it is not surprising to find that Netbeans (previously a Sun project) will now have out-of-the-box support for Oracle WebLogic (previously BEA WebLogic) and for Oracle Database. Netbeans is not just for Java. It is also a competent C/C++ IDE and also supports PHP.

Some common issues have  been consigned to /dev/null, and some welcome new features added, including:

  • Scanning of project files whenever you return [click title to read more…]