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Everything may harm your computer

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At 15:05 UTC on 31 January 2009 I did a Google search, and strangely every site found was marked as being potentially harmful to my computer. Very strange. So I searched for “Google” itself, and even Google came back as harmful!

I checked on another computer and found the same response. The problem disappeared 5 minutes later.


The BBC reported this goof earlier today.

Google, Android and the demo effect

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A few hours ago, shortly after I finished delivering a presentation at Mobile Internet World, I joined the assembled masses for the Momo Boston event. It seemed strange to have a Mobile Monday event on a Tuesday, but it was moved to fit the MIW schedule, and was held in conjunction with MMNY. Top billing was given to Alan Blount and David Carson, presenting Google’s latest offering: Android. What we got was a live illustration of Eclipse on a Mac, and the usual glitches one can expect from live demos. Once the guys had figured out the code, the emulator appeared to work well. Not surprisingly, they showed how to quickly create a browser-like application and pointed it at the [click title to read more…]

Snapshot from MWA conference

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I am attending the Mobile Web Americas conference in Orlando, Fl., together with over 100 other mobile businesses, specialists and the plain curious. There’s not much controversy to report. It’s all very polite.

Novarra says they are intending to recognise mobile specific sites, though Randy Cavaiani says that they will still take content designed for mobile and downgrade it for less-capable devices.  To me, that sounds like mobile-specific sites still won’t be sure that they won’t be able to prevent a Novarra proxy from modifying their carefully crafted content.

Google does not plan to add a “find only mobile sites” feature to their mobile search, according to Gummi Hafsteinsson. He did say, however, that they work with carriers to get [click title to read more…]