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Snapshot from MWA conference

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I am attending the Mobile Web Americas conference in Orlando, Fl., together with over 100 other mobile businesses, specialists and the plain curious. There’s not much controversy to report. It’s all very polite.

Novarra says they are intending to recognise mobile specific sites, though Randy Cavaiani says that they will still take content designed for mobile and downgrade it for less-capable devices.  To me, that sounds like mobile-specific sites still won’t be sure that they won’t be able to prevent a Novarra proxy from modifying their carefully crafted content.

Google does not plan to add a “find only mobile sites” feature to their mobile search, according to Gummi Hafsteinsson. He did say, however, that they work with carriers to get [click title to read more…]

Mini revolution

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Opera’s latest offering

My friends over at Opera have recently released version 3 of Opera Mini. The “mini” application is part of a larger technology that takes content (typically intended for the Web on larger clients like PCs) and reforms it into a narrow (collapsible) strip layout for viewing on mobile devices. For many sites, the experience is quite good, especially if you are in browsing mode and expecting to be able to get everything from the site that you would expect while at your PC. Nevertheless, there is more to a mobile Web site than reformed PC content. Take my favourite news site, the BBC. Their mobile news service on the mobile Web is specifically structured for mobile users. [click title to read more…]