Wet January

My small patch on planet Earth has not much climate but plenty of weather. An island subject to ocean buffeting, chills from northern icy regions and occasional heat from the nearby continent. Often on the same day. I recall being greeted by snow in the morning, beaming sunshine in the afternoon and torrential rain that evening. It has been a bit turbulent of late, two storms in two days. Winds at 100km/h, gusts even worse. And rain.

This has me a little peeved, to be honest. I like to go for a short walk now and then, clear the cobwebs out of my head, put some air in my lungs, stop staring at screens for a while. This January I was looking forward to my walks on account of my new hat, a deep blue pure wool Fedora, which sadly in this weather won’t last a minute unless it is nailed to my head. So I sit here with the rain drumming a tattoo on the window behind me while I stare at one of my screens and ponder another wet January day without a nice walk.

OK then. Coffee break is over. Time to get on with writing that report. I wonder if it would be odd to wear a hat while typing…?

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