Firefox 4 is a memory hog. Over a period of a few hours, its memory consumption rose to approx 2Gb, at which point it became completely unresponsive. Since I needed to maintain a session for testing, it was very annoying that I had to kill the Firefox process. If this keeps up, I might have to use a different browser for testing.

With the task manager running, and Firefox active but doing absolutely nothing, the memory consumption grows by a few K every second. Such a pity. FF4 had a lot of promise, but I think we are going to see lots of complaints from users over the next few weeks. All of these issues should have been spotted and eliminated during the beta period.

There are many other problems too. My toolbars get messed up all the time. The navigation buttons have a mind of their own (their size and shape changes regularly), the page redraw is very jerky (try dragging the left edge of the window left and right a few times…

Sorry guys, but FF4 is getting a thumbs-down from me.

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