Online shopping, a positive story for a change

Buying on the Web has its ups and downs. Choice is extensive, but delivery can be hazardous. There’s a local supplier of electronic parts that surprised me recently. Pleasantly. Syncron is their name, and I ordered some parts from them just before New Year, but the postal service let me down and the parts never arrived. Actually, between Christmas and New Year is probably not a good time to order anything for postal delivery, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the package is still on its way to me, via Timbuktu. What surprised me was the response from the company when I asked them about the package. They not only offered to send a new one (or a refund if I wanted), but they then sent the package by courier for overnight delivery. That’s the kind of online shopping experience we wish was universal.

Since you generally don’t hear much about these positive experiences, I thought I’d just write a public note by way of thanks.

Meanwhile, if the original one ever gets back from Timbuktu, I’ll personally deliver it back to Syncron, as they’re less than an hour away by car. (Yes, I know…)

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