Even the BBC is talking about the century year old predictions of John Elfreth Watkins, Jr. recently chronicled by the Saturday Evening Post. He predicted mobile phones, television, refrigerated transport and more. But the one that caught my eye was the prediction of the demise of the letters C, X and Q. And strangely it reminded me of how much I would love to see the demise of T, E and H.

When in that particular order, of course.

You see, I’m regularly bombarded by “teh”. It’s in emails, in reports and especially in Instant Messaging where the person at the other end is in a hurry to express the next idea but the fingers just can’t keep up. As a stickler, it really drives me nuts.

Wikipedia has a lot to say about teh. The suggested cause is the fact that on the Querty keyboard a two-handed typist will type the ‘h’ with the right hand, but the ‘t’ and ‘e’ are typed so rapidly with the left hand that these two complete before the ‘h’ has been pressed.

So here are some cures:

  • Type with one finger.
  • Type slowly.
  • Randomize your keyboard so you have to hunt-and-peck.
  • Stick pins in yourself every time you type ‘teh’ so that you become more alert to it.
  • Get typing lessons.
  • Learn that the word ‘the’ is spelled: T E H Delete Delete H E

Teh Edn

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