Interesting Win7 bug

Duh! I have a second monitor that I attached to my laptop in the office so that I can extend the desktop. Last time in the office I had Notepad running on the second screen. Back home (minus the extra screen) I opened a new Notepad session. Unfortunately Notepad remembered where it was on the desktop last time, and so Notepad has positioned itself on the screen I have not got, and cannot see. This despite the fact that Windows 7 has detected that I have reverted to just one screen.

To bring the window back onto the main screen, either of the following will work:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select one of the window layout options.¬†Unfortunately this messes up the position of any other windows you happen to have open.
  • Shift-right-click on the taskbar button corresponding to the application (Notepad) to bring up the window positioning menu. Select “move” and use the keyboard arrow keys or your mouse to move the window into view.

Also, did you know that if you click with both mouse buttons on the taskbar icon of an application, or shift-left-click it, another instance opens?

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