Busy interrupts

For weeks I’ve noticedĀ the laptop churn along at 50% CPU (total spread over both cores) and the temperature slowly rise, to the point that the trackpad was too hot to use. Thank goodness for wireless mice. Task Manager showed nothing in particular, but when I decided to use SysInternals Process Monitor (now a MS tool) it revealed that the load was caused by hardware interrupts.

SysInternals plot showing hardware interruptsSearching the Web turned up lots of possibilities but nothing certain. I experimented, and eventually discovered that this was only happening when my Wifi was off. If I resumed the Wifi, or disabled it completely through Vista’s “Manage Network Connections” panel, then the interrupts stopped. I’m using the latest drivers. Odd.

Meanwhile I have to do another UAC-off/on cycle to fix the AV warning I mentioned before. Not sure if Vista is at the heart of these issues, but if so then I’m really hopefull that Windows 7 will solve them for me. Will find out in a few weeks…

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