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Android on T-Mobile

T-Mobile confirmed yesterday that they will be launching an Android based mobile phone by the end of the year. The new device will have a slide-out keyboard and a touch-screen. I don’t know if the screen with have the dual-contact sensitivity of the iPhone, but if it does then it really will be a serious challenge to the iPhone. Reports say that it “will have a touch screen like the iPhone”. That remains to be seen. Otherwise that particular “cool” feature will remain the jewel in the crown for Apple.

What might be more important for users of the new device is bandwidth. It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile can deliver the necessary service quality in its many [click title to read more…]

Finger Inaccuracy

Some experiences with the iPhone

I’ve tried in recent days to just randomly surf with the iPhone and just understand how I feel about the Safari browser, the small hi-res orientation-sensitive screen and the multi-tap touch-sensitive input modality. On the one hand, I had a vague feeling that I might experience a surfing experience comparable to what I get on a desktop and that the mobile Web had arrived, while on the other I was anticipating frustration and disappointment because of the sense of looking at the Web through a cardboard tube. Anticipating a lot of activity I’ve made sure to do this over WiFi, naturally.

After three days of random surfing I have some mixed feelings, but by far [click title to read more…]


You want the iPhone experience? Then try out this emulator; it’s the best one I’ve seen to date!

iSay iSay iSay

No joke, Apple launched the iPhone yesterday, and a day later they are being sued by Cisco. No such thing as bad publicity? We’ll see.

Looking at the iPhone, the first thing that comes to mind is the XDA. Big screen, but hot on the face when being used as a phone. Look a bit closer, though, and you see the complete absence of buttons. This is a touch-based device. Multi-touch, in fact, meaning you can use simultaneous contact and gestures to give commands. As for the “hot face” issue, this new device turns off the screen when you use it close to your face for voice communications.

Nice touch. (No pun intended.)

While many people will be looking at [click title to read more…]