Crypto fix for Strawberry on Windows

Adding PKCS10 support for one of my Perl installations turned out to be a bit of a hunt. It seems that that the makefile config is referencing the “crypto” library instead of the Windows equivalent, “eay32”. The clue was early in the installation trace where it said:

Warning (mostly harmless): No library found for -lcrypto

Mostly harmless. Not so. It affects more than just the PKCS10 that I was trying to install. Anything needing the cryptographic API from OpenSSL will be affected. All the suggested fixes for this problem that I could find (in a 10 minute trawl) involve editing the makefile (e.g. this) but there’s a much easier fix. Simply locate the “c/lib” folder in your Strawberry installation and copy libeay32.a to libcrypto.a and then do a fresh install of whatever module is giving you trouble. This obviously fixes the problem for every affected module.

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