Password recipe

Password creating tips you should not use (because the hackers already know about them):

  • Replace letters with numbers that have a similar shape. Like E becomes 3.
  • Use “CamelCase”.
  • Add 123 to the end.
  • Use your name twice: FredFred…
  • … or backwards: Dref
  • Start with a digit.
  • Put a space at the end.
  • Use a random password generator.

Don’t agree with the last one? In my experience, the more random and/or long the password becomes, the greater the chance that the user will write it down somewhere. Perhaps even in a file on a related computer, which makes it vulnerable.

A good password will be a little random and not too long, and preferably will have nothing to do with the user who owns it. A random word generator, stir in some small smattering of punctuation and maybe a digit or two sprinkled on top. That’s the kind of light snack that’s perfectly adequate as a password.


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