HTML 5 spec by mid 2012?

In recent months, new priorities have taken me away from active participation in W3C, but a decade working with the standards body does engender some habits, such as keeping an eye on spec evolution. The W3C TPAC meetings (in which I had significant roles down the years) is a great opportunity to get an overview of the state of Web specifications. The one that most people will be looking at these days is HTML 5, and as always, TPAC doesn’t disappoint.

If all you want to know is “when will HTML 5 be finished?” then according to the information presented at TPAC, mid-2012 is the earliest time you will see a Candidate Recommendation. That estimate stretches to the end of 2012, which is probably more realistic. The full summary is here:

To keep an eye on HTML 5 developments, track Michael(tm) Smith’s unofficial draft. It’s subject to frequent change, so beware! I’ve worked with Michael(tm) in the past and I know he’s meticulous, so his drafts are always good.

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