iPhone 3G cracked

Strange how I’m looking at the iPhone a lot these days. In the past I restricted my mobile browsing to sites that were designed for mobile, as the experience of browsing non-mobile sites was terrible. The iPhone made the experience somewhat more bearable, although page sizes and layouts can still be a problem, together with incompatible embedded resources (e.g. Flash). Speed for the iPhone can also be a problem, but the introduction of the iPhone 3G seems to have addressed much of that, assuming you have good network coverage from your carrier.

But the improvements in the iPhone 3G connectivity seem to have been offset by lowering of the build quality. It seems that the plastic case that replaced the metal one of the 1st generation iPhone may have improved signal quality, but the case now cracks easily. Many people are reporting that their new iPhone 3Gs are developing cracks around the volume control and other edges of the case. These are most visible in the white model. Apple appear to be replacing the defective devices on demand, but supplies will eventually come under pressure.

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