Star Trek got it right

On a short (6 hour) journey back from NY, following the MWA event, I found myself relaxing on one of Delta’s compact recliners in business class, surrounded by screens. Having just spent the past few days explaining to people how content should be adapted for different dimensions, here I was in an early episode of Star Trek. Screens everywhere. I’m in the captain’s chair (OK, not the actual captain’s chair, but it has enough buttons on it to be Kirk’s chair) and surrounded by LCD screens. On the arm rest were the screens from my two phones, PDA and laptop. In front was the plane’s entertainment system (which needed rebooting, and thus revealed it was an embedded Red Hat dated from 2004). Above me was the main display, and two more displays left and right. In fact, I counted about 20 displays, of varying physical sizes and resolutions. It was no wonder I was reminded of the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Even the communicator (flip-top mobile phone) was present, to add to the illusion.

Of course, Kirk didn’t have an entertainment system in his chair and a selection of fine wines.

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