W3C at 3GSM

The W3C has a stand at this year’s 3GSM World Congress. We held a big meeting about two months ago in which we proposed to set up a Mobile Web Initiative to address the needs of the mobile Web. The most pressing problem, as far as I can see, is the inability of most people to author for the mobile Web because to do so successfully you need some form of adaptation. Adaptation only works if you have some idea of the characteristics of the device to which you are sending content. Unfortunately, descriptions of mobile devices are hard to come by. MobileAware invests a lot of time and effort gathering such information to feed its own adaptation technology, so we know how hard this task is.

If basic device descriptions could be made available to all, then simple adaptation would be possible and accessible to all. This would help everyone. I hope the MWI will address this problem, as the success of the mobile Web will depend on it.

The W3C will be speaking to people at 3GSM about the MWI, and hopefully gather some more supporters.

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